Monday, August 16, 2010

Festival Topeng Nusantara "eXpresi Exhibition"

Recently we were invited to participate in an exhibition held by Illumedia creative, its called "eXpresi". The brief was to create an artwork that contains a "panji" mask template of cirebon as part of the artwork or as an inspiration of the work,

We decide to make a pair of outfit that we thought was very "Magic Happens" it's a two piece outfit consist of a hooded jacket taken from a javanese "beskap" cutting and a cropped trouser inspired from the cirebon dancer's trouser, each with cirebon's "megamendung" batik lining and custom emboirdery attached, quite a job.. hope you guys like it

here are some pictures of the exhibition.. please do enjoy..

A sketch of our work

Our display for the exhibition

Magic Happens's Custom Panji Mask

Pics from our photoshoot

Here are some pics of the other participants masks
Andi F Noya of Kick Andy

The Global Port

Sanchia Tryphosa of Poei Oei

Ari Buy Shandra

Marishka Soekarna

Ykha Amelz

Rege Indrastudianto

Adrianus Rama Dauhan of Danjyo Hiyoji

Andi Amanda Dibya
Ritchie Ned Hansel

Nicoline Patricia Malina

Syagini Ratna Wulan

You can come and see the exhibition yourself.. it's an open for public show, and will be held until the 23rd of August located at Alun Alun Grand Indonesia West Mall Lvl 3.A


Rchliey said...

topengnya lucu deh

Ginny Laura said...

WOW Keren nie artikelnya
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